At Dreamwraps we strive to provide you with the best solutions to uniquely protect, customize, and love your vehicle all at once. We specialize in full and partial vehicle wraps as well as full vehicle customization using only the top manufactures in the industry such as 3M, Avery, Arlon, Hexis, Oracal, and many more. High quality vinyls and films along with a professional installation provide a long term one of a kind solution.  What separates DreamWraps from other vehicle wrap shops and installers is precision and perfection that is sought after no matter the job. Not only is perfection an importance but customer overall satisfaction is our top priority.  All jobs come with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


Why Wrap, and not Paint?

Many potential customers often question, “Why should I wrap my car instead of painting it?” A paint job can range from $3,500-$15,000+ depending on the quality and paint, procedure and style. While a vehicle wrap can cost $2,000-$5000+ depending on the the material and extent of the project. Partial wraps such as hoods, roofs, chrome deletes, and other accents are a great way to get started in the car wrap industry beginning at around $300. With this much cheaper price tag comes many benefits that paint cannot provide. Paint quality can vary while looking for a cheaper price. Cheaper less expensive paints will look decent at first, but within a couple years can begin to show extreme wear and tear resulting in the paint job needing to be completely redone. Professionally installed vehicle wraps will leave your vehicle with a stunning finish for years to be admired.


Color Change Wraps

We specialize in exotic vehicle wraps (cars,trucks,boats,buses etc.) that paint simply cannot replicate. The use of vehicle wrap material allows us to offer a service that has several benefits as well as an amazing outcome for any vehicle. With an outstanding life expectancy, your vehicle is being protected 24/7 from all the damaging factors while preserving your vehicle's original showroom shine. Every inch of your vehicle covered by the wrap film will be protected from weathering, rocks, and many natural causes.

         7 Reasons to Wrap Your Car

  • Cost: A high quality paint job can range from $3,000-$10,000+ depending on the color, paint shop, and quality of the paints. Professionally installed films with the highest quality materials can cost $2500-$5,000+ and will have a life expectancy of 4-10 years vinyl. For a fraction of the cost of paint, one can choose to wrap their vehicle for as long or little as one desires.

  • Resale Value: Being able to maintain the manufacturers original paint will keep the resale value intact from a devalued aftermarket paint job. If your company or preference is for instance a bright exotic color, it may not be your potential buyers favorite color. Having the option to keep your vehicles original factory color will allow you to keep your resale value intact.

  • Countless Options: Upon purchasing your vehicle you may have wanted something different, or possibly a color that is not available in factory paint. This is where vinyl wraps will allow all of your car fantasies to come true. You will be able to stand out from all of the others and have a truly one of a kind vehicle that suits your personality. If after a few years you are looking for change once again, just have us remove it and choose a new color! Transform your vehicle every few years and keep everyone guessing!

  • Installation Time: When choosing to paint your vehicle you are allowing yourself to be without transportation for up to two weeks or longer. When it comes to wrapping a vehicle, we can have your car fully transformed within 3-5 days and ready to be picked up. Don’t leave yourself stranded, wrap it!

  • Protection: Every covered inch of your vehicle in vinyl is protecting your factory paint from all natural hazards and weathering, and not be affected by prolonged sun exposure. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a very durable ~3mill thick material and will act as a shield. Say goodbye to stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards!

  • Easy Maintenance: Is constantly waxing your vehicle beginning to take a toll on you? Allow yourself enjoy never having to wax again! Vehicle wraps are extremely easy to maintain and will look brand new once again from only hand washing with soap and water.

  • Long Lasting, Safe Removal: High quality vinyls ensure a long lasting product that can also be safely removed. The vehicle wrap may be removed safely between the 4-10 year period and will NOT affect your current paint.