Interior wall wraps make a huge impression on anyone within viewing distance.  Many interior designers are beginning to see the advantages in using vinyl for wall decor for both advertising opportunities and overall aesthetics. Whether it’s for a commercial retail space or your home, wall wraps are a unique way to infuse your walls with one of a kind style.  


Unlike paint, there are endless options with vinyl wall designs. A custom designed wall wrap can transform any space into a work of art.


Custom wall graphics are affordable and long lasting. Our custom wall wraps are digitally printed and then laminated with a protective layer for durability. Wall wraps can be installed on various surfaces and textures rough or smooth and are safe to remove at any time without the worry of damaging the paint underneath.


You can choose from gloss, semi gloss, matte, even various textures to get your desired finish. Wall wraps are a stylish alternative to paint that allow you full creative control and customization. Wake up your walls today with a wall wrap from DreamWraps!